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The Ikomia platform is made up of three components:

  • Ikomia Marketplace: centralized place where you can find plug’n’play algorithms of Computer Vision

  • Ikomia Studio: free desktop software (Linux and Windows) for easy algorithm evaluation and fast prototyping

  • Ikomia API: Python API to leverage state of the art algorithms for your own computer vision application and/or create plugins for Ikomia Studio and the Marketplace


Ikomia API is built around Ikomia Core, a set of C++ libraries with Python bindings.


Ikomia Studio and Ikomia API are Open-Source projects, distributed under AGPLv3 and Apache 2.0 respectively.

Choose your API usage

As an Ikomia user, you will be led to use this API for two reasons:

  • Create plugins for Ikomia platform: with a little wrap around your Python code, you are able to give access to your algorithm from a user friendly software (Ikomia Studio) and a flexible workflow API. Moreover, from Ikomia Studio you can publish your work to the Marketplace in one click and share it with the community.

  • Use Ikomia algorithms and workflows in your custom applications: leverage built-in algorithms and those from the Marketplace directly in your application. Run single algorithm or workflows with few lines of code.

Ready to start?

API Reference

This section provides the auto-generated documentation from the Python code. You will find all the implementation details and the comprehensive list of available functions.

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