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The Ikomia platform is made up of three components:

  • Ikomia Marketplace: centralized place where you can find plug’n’play algorithms of Computer Vision

  • Ikomia Studio: free desktop software (Linux and Windows) for easy algorithm evaluation and fast prototyping

  • Ikomia API: Python API to create plugins for Ikomia Studio and the Marketplace


Ikomia API is built around core C++ libraries with Python bindings. It contains also pure Python modules for high-level features.


Ikomia Studio and Ikomia API are Open-Source projects, AGPLv3 and LGPLv3 respectively.

As an Ikomia user, you can easily evaluate state of the art algorithms from the Ikomia Marketplace to speed the development of your own method. Ikomia Marketplace also aims to be a community place where every one can promote its work through plug’n’play algorithms. We provide this API to address this point.

With a little wrap around your Python code, you are able to give access to your algorithm from a user friendly software (Ikomia Studio). Moreover, from Ikomia Studio you can publish your work to the Marketplace in one click and share it with the community.

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API Reference

This section provides the auto-generated documentation from the Python code. You will find all the implementation details and the comprehensive list of available functions.

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