Save and load your workflow#

Save your workflow#"path/to/my_workflow.json")

If you want to save your workflow, you can export it in JSON format. This export will save all algorithms, parameters, model paths and connections in a descriptive file.

This file enables you to share your work or easily reuse it on any computing device.

Load and run your workflow#

Basic script for loading workflows.

from ikomia.dataprocess.workflow import Workflow

# Init the workflow
wf = Workflow()

# Load the workflow

# Run on your image

Modify the workflow#

First you can get all tasks from the workflow with :


For example, you can obtain this kind of output :

[CWorkflowTask(Root), CObjectDetectionTask(infer_yolo_v7), C2dImageTask(ocv_stack_blur, 1)]

Then, you can easily access each task by searching by name:

task = wf.find_task("task_name")


task = wf.find_task(ik.task_name())

See ik auto-completion for more information.

Finally, adjust the parameters :

    ik.task_name.param_1: "value",
    ik.task_name.param_2: "value"

And you’re done !