Save and load your workflow

Save your workflow"path/to/my_workflow.json")

If you want to save your workflow, you can export it in JSON format. This export will save all algorithms, parameters, model paths and connections in a descriptive file.

This file enables you to share your work or easily reuse it on any computing device.

Load and run your workflow

Basic script for loading workflows.

from ikomia.dataprocess.workflow import Workflow

# Init the workflow
wf = Workflow()

# Load the workflow

# Run on your image

Modify the workflow

First you can get all tasks from the workflow with :


For example, you can obtain this kind of output :

[CWorkflowTask(Root), CObjectDetectionTask(infer_yolo_v7), C2dImageTask(ocv_stack_blur, 1)]

Then, you can easily access each task by searching by name:

task = wf.find_task("task_name")


task = wf.find_task(ik.task_name())

See ik auto-completion for more information.

Finally, adjust the parameters :

    ik.task_name.param_1: "value",
    ik.task_name.param_2: "value"

And you’re done !