How to add parameters to your algorithm

Most of the time, you need to add parameters to control your algorithm behaviour.

Let’s take the same example as in the previous part.

Add parameters

In the MyFirstAlgoParam class, you have to do the following :

# --------------------
# - Class to handle the process parameters
# - Inherits core.CWorkflowTaskParam from Ikomia API
# --------------------
class MyFirstAlgoParam(core.CWorkflowTaskParam):

    def __init__(self):
        # Place default value initialization here
        self.threshold1 = 100
        self.threshold2 = 200

    def set_values(self, params):
        # Set parameters values from Ikomia application
        # Parameters values are stored as string and accessible like a python dict
        self.threshold1 = int(params["threshold1"])
        self.threshold2 = int(params["threshold2"])

    def get_values(self):
        # Send parameters values to Ikomia application
        # Create the specific dict structure (string container)
        params = {
            "threshold1": str(self.threshold1),
            "threshold2": = str(self.threshold2),
        return params

Use parameters in your code

Then, you can use your parameters in the core algorithm :

import cv2
def run(self):
    # Core function of your process
    # Call begin_task_run() for initialization

    # Examples :
    # Get input :
    task_input = self.get_input(0) 

    # Get output :
    task_output = self.get_output(0) 

    # Get parameters :
    param = self.get_param_object() # <-- Get the parameters

    # Get image from input/output (numpy array):
    src_image = task_input.get_image() 

    # Call to the process main routine
    dst_image = cv2.Canny(src_image, threshold1=param.threshold1, threshold2=param.threshold2)

    # Set image of input/output (numpy array):

    # Step progress bar:

    # Call end_task_run() to finalize process

Use parameters in your workflows

Now you can change parameters in your workflows :

from ikomia.dataprocess.workflow import Workflow
from ikomia.utils.displayIO import display
from ikomia.utils import ik

# Init the workflow
wf = Workflow()

# Add your algorithm
my_algo = wf.add_task(ik.my_first_algo(threshold1="100", threshold2="200"), auto_connect=True)

# Run on your image

# Inspect your results
output_data = my_algo.get_output(0).get_image()